We are a Mississippi-based consulting business, established for the purpose of certifying Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana closing attorneys and title service providers for the mortgage industry. As a smaller company, we offer professional hands-on assistance without charging the high prices that are seen by larger firms. For lenders, you can be confident that the certifications we issue will come with the utmost scrutiny and that we adhere strictly to the ALTA 7 Best Practices and Assessment Procedures. 

    It is our mission to assess the policies and procedures of closing attorneys and title settlement agents, including, but not limited to, Escrow Reconciliation, Hiring and Training, Consumer Complaint Resolution, Privacy and Security, Insurance Coverage, Licensing, and any other areas that a lender would ask us to examine.   This review is to show that at the time of the reviewthe policies and procedures are in accordance with the ALTA Best Practices Framework, the industry standard.  It is not our job to perform forensic accounting, but to assure that the safeguards are in place, as stipulated in the Assessment Procedures Checklist (APC), for conducting business in a lawful manner and for the protection of the consumer.

    Upon approval, the agent or attorney would then be certified to be an approved closer for the lender if all the criteria are met based on the ALTA Best Practices Framework, Version 2.5 and the ALTA APC.